Are you in a rat race?

What is a rat race? If you’re not sure what this means, allow me to explain this in two words – “pointless pursuit”. Yes, it is a pointless pursuit of happiness.

I’ve been working inside a square room with closed windows surrounded by headphone-wearing people for seven years. It was exhausting. One day I woke up and realised this isn’t the life I wanted and yes, I quit my job and took some time to gather myself. It was the best decision I have made, trust me. Sometimes we don’t want change because we think of things we might lose, not the things we might gain.

So think of the things that you want in life. Oh, did money came in first in your mind. Don’t worry, you’re not alone my friend. But if you’re the one who thought of a love life and a true and loyal partner, I feel sorry for you.

You see, we all want something in life. Things that we think will make us happy. You don’t really need 7 digits in your bank account to call yourself rich, or cut your face just to make it beautiful. Remember that a lot of people are happier with less than what you have. Go out there, quit your job if it’s intoxicating, breathe for a while, read books and figure out the things you really need. It may take a while but hey, there is no rush.

Don’t join the race, you might run alone but at least you’re going to the right destination.


Brave the Change

There comes a point in your life when all you wanted to do is walk away from drama and from the people who created it. Life, my dear, isn’t really as complicated as most of us thought or was made to believe.

I’ve been working even before I graduated college. I had a part time job to support my needs at school. That is true, my parents couldn’t really afford to send me to college without a little help. So I made my way up working for someone else, got a sponsor, was a scholar etc. To cut it short, I was made to survive a tough life. And when I finally got a decent job, I got stuck to it for seven years. It’s not even my line of study.

Job in the BPO industry seemed not natural for me. You sleep in the morning, you work at night. Heck, I got robbed twice while making my way home. I can say I pretty did a good job in my career path and I landed a position in the company. Seven years of living inside my comfort zone, it felt like a routine. I always had to think of good reasons to get excited to coming to work every single day (which I’m pretty good at by the way). Too afraid to explore what else I could do if I leave the job that fed me for so many years.

I never thought I would do it but one morning, I woke up with this fire burning in my heart, I got to do it. That same day I printed my resignation letter and told my boss I’m leaving for good. She wasn’t so shocked.

Camping, hiking, writing, movie watching, I got all these crazy ideas popping in my head. Only then I realiser I could have done it sooner.

First, I went to see how the world looks like below me. This wasn’t my first time hiking but this is my highest climb so far. Felt that cold wind brushing my skin, the Sun waving at the horizon, the mountains rolling away like gray waves in the sea. Yes, I conquered a mountain and this is just the beginning.

You see, some people laugh at your dreams when you talk about them. Some of my colleagues didn’t think I wrote a novel for myself, some just can’t believe it.

Sometimes you just have to take that risk of going out there and find your purpose. Do the things that makes you want to wake up early everyday. Go to where your feet can lead you and do some justice to yourself. Of all the hardships I’ve been through I know I deserve more.

Life is beautiful. I want to spend my abled years making great memories, surround myself with the right people, make a difference and even fall in love over and over again. And if I’ll have sad times along the way, remember, how would you know of happiness without feeling sadness.